Meet a coffee company with an ulterior motive.

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-Brew with Purpose-


The Heart

We’re all endlessly busy, and making a difference in the world shouldn’t be so difficult. So we thought, how can we integrate a way to give back in our daily lives? That’s where From the Grounds Up got its start.

For most of us, coffee is a no-brainer: a daily necessity. What if you could give an orphan a better life just by drinking your daily cup (or two, or three!) of coffee? We want to make that a reality.

If we could use the profit gained from every daily cup of joe to supply meals, care and education for orphans, to provide livestock, materials and systems to help their communities grow and one day flourish, why wouldn’t we?  We’re going to give you a great cup of coffee, and reinvest the profit (100%!) from our savory beans into a particular community in Nigeria that struggles to support its orphans.

Want to see where your contributions are going? While you sip that steamy cup, sit back and scroll through our photos on the Village Blog – you’re a part of this project now, too – and the smiles on their faces will make that morning brew taste that much sweeter.


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